01. Tea, served in no less than a vintage tea cup, complete with Parisian spoon. / 02. The prettiest little tea room we found in Lee-On--Solent. If you live in the South I definitely suggest a visit! / 03. It would have been rude not to have a cupcake too. 04. Quick stop at Café Rouge for a pain au chocolat / 05. O.P.I's dazzling When Monkeys Fly and Which is Witch, front the Oz: The Great and Powerful collection / 06. Poor little Mulberry, your life must be so lonely without me. / 07. Laura Mercier's stunning new Folklore collection which I may have made a sneaky purchase from, keep your eyes peeled! / 08. New bedding is the best, especially when it looks like this / 09. The first pink sunset I've seen in a while / 10. A good curly hair day / 11. Doing sunday afternoons the right way / 12. The sunglasses are out and staying out!

Product of the Week: Without doubt I've still got whole lotta' love for the Barry M Gelly Nail Paints . They've adorned my nails all week and I've switched up colours at least four times, they're just so pretty. Read my review here!

Must Read of the week: If you haven't come across Gwen's blog before, you've been missing out on some serious fashion forward DIY. This week I was blown away by perhaps the simplest tutorial ever on transforming jewellery with nail polish. The possibilities are endless!

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