I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that constantly washing an endless stack of makeup brushes might just be the bane of my life. I try to aim for a good deep clean once a week but I'm beyond lazy when it comes to sticking to a schedule so it more than often ends up being a lot longer - you have permission to judge me!

Saying that however, I recently stumbled across a few products that have made the whole process a lot faster and slightly more enjoyable. I guess I should address the issue of the pink rubber glove pictured above as I'm sure you're all wondering what on earth it is! Any like minded beauty worshipers should have heard all about Sigma's new Brush Cleaning Glove by now. A Silicone mitt with a variety of textures and surfaces designed effectively remove dirt and makeup from brushes a whole lot better than the palm of your hand. The only problem is the $40 price tag. As life-changing a beauty invention as this may be, I couldn't justify dropping over £25 on a piece of rubber.

I searched around all sorts of places for a similar glove, but couldn't find anything remotely close that was classified as a beauty product. However, after typing silicone glove into Amazon and being greeted with a sea of kitchen accessories I thought, why not! Enter my new best friend, the pink oven glove. While it doesn't have the three separate textures like it's Sigma counterpart (designed for washing, drying and shaping) the bobbly texture really does lift make up out of the bristles a lot more efficently.

Paired with a mild foaming soap, my favourite at the moment is the Dr Bronner's Organic Baby Cast Liquid Soap, I squeeze a small amount onto the glove for each brush and give it a good massage. The trick with this product is to apply it to a dry brush, it foams up a lot better as the soap already has quite a watery consistency and then after a quick rinse and blot I leave them on the windowsill to dry overnight. VoilĂ , good as new brushes with a pink helping hand!

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