When the Revlon Lip Butters originally launched back in 2012 people couldn't seem to get enough of them. Hailed as an all-in-one wonder lipstick/balm hybrid, they flew off the shelves and into everyone's pockets.. except mine. As much of a bandwagon-jumper that I am the hype never really swayed me, the colours weren't my cup of tea and the glittery filled formulas dried out my lips far too quickly.

Enter Revlon's new spring colours. Bright, luscious colour with no trace of the dreaded shimmer. I picked up two of the new shades, Juicy Papaya which translated to a soft pink with a hint of peach on my lips, the prefect day to day colour and Wild Watermelon, a beautiful red with pink undertones that brightens up my face instantly when applied. This one would be great for those who want a quick and easy to wear red without the commitment of a thick, opaque lipstick.

I have to admit, I'm in love with these Lip Butters now. They've been a constant in my makeup bag/coat pocket/anywhere I can stuff them! Juicy, rich and packed with moisture they might just be the perfect lip product. I'll definitely be taking myself down to Boots and picking a few more colours from the range. Sorbet, a bright fuchsia and Pink Lemonade, a baby pink both look perfect for the sunny weather!

Have you tried these new shades? What's your favourite moisturising lip product?

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