Hello everyone and welcome to the newly redesigned I Covet Thee! I've been writing this blog for a whole two years now and thought it was about time to get rid of the tired old layout and bring it up to date. Fingers crossed you all like it as I know personally the aesthetics of a blog are very important to me when I read them myself! I've also added quite a few new links and features, so lets have a little tour.

I've introduced a Product Directory listing all the beauty products I've ever reviewed or mentioned to give you a quick way of find information on a particular item. These are also listed by brand if you want a bit of an insight into a certain range. You'll now also be able to find a few answers to my most asked questions in the F.A.Q page. I was a little hesitant about writing one of these as I know they can be perceived as quite impersonal, but I hope it will prove to be helpful and informative for you.

I've popped up a Blogroll too of my favourite reads - I'll also be doing a post on these lovely ladies soon. I seriously urge you to take a look as they're some fantastic bloggers. Last of all I've dusted off the old Facebook password and started up a page for icovetthee.com which you can 'like' for regular updates on the blog, posting and a bit of everyday goings on.

Happy reading!

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