Essie Topless & Barefoot, Model's Own Nude Beige, Essie Sand Tropez, Nails Inc Porchester Square

Staying with the theme of my last post I've been hopping on-board the neutral train when it comes to nails as well as lips this month. Despite my nail polish collection being full of every colour under the sun it's the pale nudes and the greyish beige tones I've been reaching for most lately.

Essie seem to have an overwhelming range of nude colour to take your pick from, two of which I reach for regularly; Sand Tropez, a cool toned beige which along with my skin tone gives a real 'mannequin hands' look and Topless & Barefoot, a similar creamy finish but with a soft pink hue. I don't quite think you can quite beat the longevity and the application of an Essie these days, but a few others that have been dug out of the depths of the collection to add to the list of neutrals I'm loving. These include my first ever Models Own purchase from back in the day; Nude Beige. It's a touch darker than the rest and has a quite prominent warm pink undertone. Last of all we have Nails Inc Porchester Square which I've been most besotted with lately, it might just take the title of 'perfect greyish nude' and has a hint of lilac shot through for good measure. I love how elegant this shade looks!

So the big question is, do you go nude? If so, what's your favourite neutral colour?

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