Dr Jart Waterfuse BB Cream, Water-Max Sleeping Mask & Bubble Foam

Every now and then a brand will come along that I just won't be able to get enough of, and this month it's Dr Jart that's dominating my beauty regime.

It all began with a purchase of their signature BB Cream, the first of the brands products to be launched in the UK in four different variations. I chose the Waterfuse which claims to be an Oil-free yet hydrating product, keeping the skin's water levels balanced for a dewy, fresh look and protected with SPF 25. I find this gives more coverage than the average BB and leaves the skin with a subtle glow that lasts all day. The one drawback however is that it's only available in one shade. It is slightly darker than my skin, but I find if I blend it in well and make sure I take the product down the neck it becomes very wearable. This is actually the only one of these much overhyped BB Creams that's ever impressed me enough to earn a place in my collection of most used bases.

After discovering Dr Jart had brought out a range of skincare too, albeit a highly priced one, I went a little mad and purchases two products on a whim. The Water-Max Sleeping Mask jumped out to me as (need I explain again) I'm already a big fan of the Origins version. I find this isn't quite as hydrating but is great for layering on top of serums when you want to stick to your normal evening regime but add some extra moisture into the mix. I also find this works exceptionally well when mixed with another product that I've been using liberally this month (post to come soon!).

Last of all the Bubble Foam, a rich foaming cleanser which aims to deeply cleanse and refine pores, has probably become my favourite of them all. I mainly use this along with my Clarasonic as the consistently is perfect for giving enough product for the brush to work with without overwhelming my face with bubbles! It's packed with Sage and Witch Hazel extracts which help to calm the skin and leave it mattified without any drying or tight feeling.

I think I should also add, as it is one massive criteria for me, that not one but all of these products smell amazing too. Fresh and fruity, and all extremely pleasant to use on the skin. I highly recommend Dr Jart to anyone that want's to try it. I'll be hopping over to Boots to stock up on the rest of the range!

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