Origins Plantscription Anti-Aging Concealer - Light £16.50

I'm sure you all know by now (probably due to the fact I've talked about their Overnight Mask in practically every post/video I've ever made) that Origins is a brand I absolutely love. Believe it or not though I've never actually tried a product from their Make Up range, something I swiftly decided to put right a few weeks ago after a trip to my local counter. I went for their Plantscription Anti-Aging Concealer after hearing it had been widely compared to my Holy Grail item (and probably everyone else's for that matter) the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, another product I ramble on about far too much.

Usually I need a combination of two concealers to cover the dark circles under my eyes; a warm toned corrector to cancel out the blue tones then a light reflecting colour to brighten up, so I was pleasently surprised when this managed to do it all in one. The consistency is similar to the Collection concealer in that it gives really great coverage, but where it differs (and probably for the better) is that it's a lot more moisturising. The only problem I have (dare I say it) with the cheaper counterpart is that it can tend to look a little dry and cakey after a few hours, but I was really impressed that the Origins offering looked fresh for a lot longer and didn't gather in all those nasty creases which I find a lot of hydrating concealers can do.

It's even a shock to myself that I've now shelved my beloved Collection item for the time being and am really enjoying using the Plantscription concealer, so much so I'm looking at maybe investing in the matching foundation. Origins, you've done it again!

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