This Works Black Spice & Cedar Candle

I don't think theres anything quite as comforting on a cold day than sitting in a room with a candle burning in the background. I picked up the Black Spice & Cedar candle from This Works in TK Maxx (which is fast becoming an unexpected wonderland of beauty finds for me) and have been burning it ever since.

When it comes to candles, I always go for something warm and spicy and the combination of Black spice and Cedar balances this one just between a Christmas scent and something that could be acceptable all year round, the perfect New Year candle!

Although some may be a bit sceptical about spending more than a few pounds on a candle (one reason I still haven't taken the Diptyque plunge) I think this one falls nicely in the 'reasonable' category for a higher end burn, and let me tell you, this thing lasts! The burn time is stated as being around 40 hours which is a whole lot of candle time. I've had this going most nights since the beginning of the month and I've barely even used a quarter of it.

After loving this one so much however, I'm already lusting after the Deep Sleep Heavenly candle which I'm sure would be the perfect companion for the Sleep Balm I picked up in the sales. This Works is definitely a brand I'm getting very excited about at the moment!

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