This Works Silent Night & Glamour Glitter Beauty Balls

This Works is a brand I've been very tempted by recently, and when I saw their adorable Christmas themed Beauty Balls (te he) were in the sale I had to get them both. There are two different variations; the Silent Night Ball, containing the Sleep Balm and the Glamour Glitter Ball which comes with the Shimmer Balm instead. Both of these products are available all year round in the regular This Works collection but the added bonus of the free baubles had me sold.

First up, the Sleep Balm has to be one of my favourite sale purchases this year. I've never been that much of a fan of lavender products, but the smell of this balm is so soothing as soon as I rub it on to my temples and pulse points I feel instantly relaxed, perfect for the bedside table!

The Shimmer Balm is the type of glowy highlighter I've been looking for, for years. Blended on top of foundation along the cheekbones it gives an impossibly dewy glow to the skin. I wouldn't say that this was out-rightly glittery but has tiny shimmer particles within it that give a subtel radiance wherever it's applied. This would also be a great one for highlighting the tops of collarbones to give that added bit of polish on a night out.

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