01. Off to see Les Mis! (for those who asked, it was fantastic!) / 02. Salted. Always. / 03. A sore throat was a perfectly reasonable excuse for a Costa lunch / 04. My Winter Beauty Essentials / 05. Cooking with Gem's Maquillage! / 06. Successful soup, and yes it was super tasty! (recipe here) / 07. No better way to start the day off than with a pancake / 08. Home made Foccacia qualifies me to the highest level of Domestic Goddess / 09. Naughty but nice treats at the end of a massive baking day / 10. Trying out something Exciting from Dr Jart and proving that my life didn't just revolve around food this week! / 11. Standard Sunday beverage / 12. Getting organised with a pretty new brush holder.

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