I've started making it a bit of a habit to spend an hour or so on a Sunday evening giving myself a mini pamper and I thought I'd do a little series over the next few weeks all about the things I use and my favourite indulgent products. I like to concentrate on one specific area, either skincare, nails, hair etc. and this week its all about body care.

I like to start in the shower with a good exfoliator to slough off any dry, dead skin. At the moment I'm using Soap and Glory's Pulp Friction, a fruity body scrub that foams up as you massage it in. Although it might seem a minor detail, I've noticed this lather helps get so much more out of the product. The foam sticks to the skin and ensures a great bit of exfoliation from the beads locked inside, leaving my skin soft and invigorated.

Next I like to use L'Occitain's Almond Shower Oil. This is a great for thoroughly cleansing the skin without stripping any moisture away. I like to pat my arms and legs down after exfoliating and really massage this in. On dry skin it's just a pure oil, but once introduced to water it emulsifies into a lovely thick lather. If you've never used a shower oil before I seriously recommend trying one out! No7 do a great cheaper alternative, although it doesn't smell anywhere near as good!

Next comes the combination of three wonder products that are going to make all the difference. I've never come across a product like Lush's King of Skin before (although we all know them for their unique concoctions). It's basically a solid body butter that you smooth over skin like a bar of soap right before coming out of the bath or shower. The excess water on the skin helps this glide on effortlessly and after one last quick splash you're ready to pat yourself dry. Full of Shea Butter, fresh bananas and various organic oils this makes for one beautiful smelling and extremely moisturising product.

Once I'm all dried off I take the Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil and spray it liberally all over my legs where I suffer from the most dryness. I love these dry oil sprays as they really are the quickest and simplest way of getting moisture into the skin. I mainly use them at night to give the oils time to sink in while I sleep, but if you're going out and you want those supermodel legs, this gives them the ultimate sheen.

Last of all I use a nice rich lotion on places like my knees and elbows. Although being ridiculously pricey the Kiehl's Creme de Corps really is the best for this. It's full of Cocoa Butter which leaves stubborn dry areas smoother than you can imagine.

So there you have it, skin as smooth as the day you were born with five amazing products and an hour to spare! What are your ultimate body pamper picks?

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