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01. I'm loving everything Aesop have to offer at the moment despite not even trying anything from their range yet. I'm such a sucker for branding! The Parsley Seed Mask is proving to be quite popular at the moment and I feel like my skin could do with a really deep cleanse.

02. I saw this beautiful dewy cheek colour on the Meg from Lipsofacto (post here) and decided I had to have it (and her skin too please!). I love fresh looking skin in Autumn and a natural toned cream blush is perfect for this.

03. The Bumble and Bumble Texture Creme has been on my list for so long now I think it's time I just bit the bullet. Luckily there's a double discount day coming up at work soon (oh my poor credit card) so there really isn't an excuse to put it off much longer!

04. I'm so much more drawn to a smokey eye in Autumn and think Beauty Marked from MAC would be the perfect deep plum for this.

05 & 06. Stylenomics and Skirting the Issue from Essie's new fall collection. Dark green isn't really my colour when it comes to nails but this was the one I was most drawn to of the new range. Such perfect Autumn shades!

07. I'm not usually one to get excited over the MAC collections and want to buy everything but the new Marilyn Monroe range is just beautiful.

08. I never really jumped on the BB bandwagon as I like a good coverage base, but I've heard so many good things from people about Dr Jart I really want to try this out.