These are a few products I picked up from MAC last week when I went to Brighton. I've never really been into MAC, probably because the nearest counter is over an hour away, but my collection has slowly been growing over the last year or so. I've never quite seen it as the 'best brand ever' but I'll admit their colour and product choice is quite staggering.

After seeing Tanya Burr of Pixi2woo using Frankly Scarlet (which might just be the most daunting looking blush I've ever seen) in a few of her videos and making it look absolutely beautiful I decided to give it a go. I haven't quite mastered it yet and still have to blend it out with what's left on my foundation brush. It's so easy to put too much of this on! It does give the most gorgeous flushed rosy cheek though, like you've just been for a brisk walk in the cold.

The eye pencil in the shade Coffee is something I've been after for a while now. I always like to have a little bit of something along my lower lash line and this might just be the perfect slightly warm brown for the job. It gives my eyes a touch of definition without being too harsh. I've actually been using this along my top lashes too and shock horror, not wearing my usual black liner. Le gasp! I honestly feel naked without out my usual cat flicks but a quick slick of this, softened with a finger has actually been my go-to look recently.

Last of all, Lady Danger. This has been playing on my mind for possibly years. I don't wear lipstick too often, but when I do it's a bit all or nothing when it comes to the colour. Red seems to be the only shade that suits me and I've amassed quite a collection of different tones. I have to say though, this one is the winner by far. It's the most beautiful bright, orange toned red that somehow doesn't overpower the rest of my make up. I'm absolutely in love and couldn't recommend trying this enough as I'm sure it would suit almost anyone!

I think I might even be developing a little bit of a MAC addiction now! What are your favourite products? Have you tried any of these?