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01. I must go through at least one denim jacket a year when summer comes around but I love the studded detail on this Topshop one.

02. Falling more and more in love with rose gold as the days go by, justification being I need things to go with my watch (which I really should show you properly. Would anyone like to see a post on that?). I may have already bought this.

03. Finally a decent dupe of the infamous American Apparel Disco Pants! After being indecisive for months and eventually forbidding myself to spend £70 on a pair of trousers I'm glad I waited as these look just as good to me.

04. I'm not a big lipstick wearer but there's always something about Topshop's colours that make me want to buy them all, this bright orange one called 'Firecracker' especially.

05. My make up just isn't staying where it should in this heat, so I asked you all on twitter a while back to recommend me a good primer and this one came out on top. I love Philosophy's products and am quite surprised I haven't bought this already. I'm sure it'll be going straight in the basket on my next trip to Boots.