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01. I finally got round to using the Benefit B.right miniatures I bought a few weeks ago and although they didn't last long, I loved them all! This moisturiser was definitely the stand out product but at £26.50 I'm a little hesitant to give in and buy the full size.

02. I've been seeing these funny little lip balms popping up everywhere recently and I think the flavour lemon drop would be perfect for summer. Not that I need any more lip balms!

03. Desperatley want to get my cartilage pierced but until I can pluck up the courage to subject myself to that kind of pain these Topshop ear cuffs would do the job very nicely.

04. I can't seem to say no to anything mint these days! I've actually tried this on a few times and keep putting it back as its quite scandalously sheer but still so lovely.