01. My lovely Valentines chocolates which I managed to scoff in two days!

02. A beautiful little 'bits and bobs' shop we found today with some pretty decorations. I might have to cut up a few old dresses and make myself some flag bunting for the walls!

03. Followed that with the most incredible sandwich I've ever seen. It didn't even have two pieces of bread but it was amazing.

04. Finally got my hands on the Topshop eye ring I've been after forever. These things were going for over £20 on ebay when I found one in store for only a fiver!

05. Got my kindle all dressed up with a new case and skin. Love this egg blue colour. Hopefully this will encourage me to read more often instead of pinching Darren's iPad and looking at blogs all day! Currently loving Lucy, Jo, Sioned and Amy's!

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