Honey & Oat 3 In 1 Scrub Mask - The Body Shop

I've been in the market for a new exfoliator for a while now and after a little browse on the The Body Shop website I decided that this natural Honey & Oat Scrub Mask sounded pretty interesting. I always seem to forget that they have a huge range of skin care as well as body products and as there happened to be a 30% discount code going around I couldn't really say no!

When my little package arrived I thought the honey would make it smell quite sweet, but it's actually the opposite. It almost reminds me of yeast or beer? Not the nicest of smells but still bearable. Unfortunately the word 'scrub' is quite misleading as there isn't really any graininess to this at all. I gave it a good scrub but was left a little disappointed. It feels a lot more soft and slippery than course and gritty like I expected it to be. However though, once I'd left it on for ten minutes most of the product had been soaked up and when I washed off what was left my skin felt really soft and supple.

I've been using it for a few weeks now and I've noticed a difference in how smooth my skin is and how well my make up applies after I've had this on for a few minutes. I still need to use an exfoliator as well so if thats what you're after this won't quite live up to expectations, but as a mask, one of the rare products that I don't actually use a lot, I really like it.

Has anyone else tried The Body Shop's skin care? Also I'd love to hear your recommendations for a good exfoliator!