Urban Outfitters Letter Watch, Asos Swallow Collar Tips, O.P.I Nail Envy, Topshop Speckle Jumper, Benefit Moon Beam

01. I'm really into wearing watches at the moment and already have a lovely one from UO which you've probably seen me wearing in most recent outfit posts, but I saw this on the website the other day and kicked myself for not getting it instead seeing as it's a little bit more personalised!

02. I've been after the perfect pair of collar tips for so long, and really like these swallow ones which are a little different to the other plain ones that I've seen.

03. This has been raved about by a lot of people recently, and although it's shockingly expensive for what's basically a nail strengthener, I've made a resolution to take better care of my stumpy little nails and try to grow them beyond the end of my fingers this year!

04. I love these kind of slouchy jumpers that can be thrown on with a pair of jeans and worn really casually, or dressed up with a buttoned up shirt underneath.

05. I think Moon Beam gets a little overlooked when it comes to the Benefit highlighters. I use High Beam a lot but at the moment I'm finding it a little bit too icy bright for my skin. I tried this at the Benefit counter a few days ago and its actually a really beautiful golden shimmer with a pinky pearl running through it. Also, since hearing that they're now discontinuing it and bringing out Sun Beam (which I'll also add to the wish list) I have to have it before it's gone forever!