Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer - Light

I got a little overly excited about a month ago when I walked into work and saw the shiny new Soap & Glory stand sitting in the makeup isle. We all know and love their range of bath and body products with their signature scent, and judging by the already empty shelves people were just as excited as I was to try their newest venture into cosmetics.

Needless to say, I had very high hopes. I only bought one thing as like the rest of their products, this makeup doesn't come cheap. This concealer was £10.00 which I think is a little steep for a 'drugstore' brand, but I bought it anyway. It's quite a clever little package with two concealer shades, one for brightening under the eyes and one for the face, along with a setting powder. I've been wearing it everyday for about two weeks now and to be honest I haven't loved it. Every morning I've applied it slightly differently hoping that it would turn out a little better, but so far it's been cakey, thick and not that pleasant at all. Even with the powder my mascara still smudged really badly as the product never really seemed to set and stayed slidey and thick all day.

In terms of colour, the under eye shade is great while it lasts. Just warm enough to cancel out the blue tones of my dark circles, but the other is really yellowy and completely wrong for my skin. These little sets only come in two colours - medium and light, which is what I got. As we all know, I'm slightly on the unnatural side of pale and probably don't represent the majority of the population but I was a little disappointed at the limited range and how wrong this shade was.

Its one redeeming quality though is the setting powder. I never powder under my eyes as I find after a few hours that area becomes dry and flakey, but when I used this with my holy grail concealer, Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection, I found that it kept it looking fresher for longer and it stopped the 'panda effect' we all know and hate.

Overall I found this concealer a bit of a waste of time and money, but that hasn't stopped me wanting to try more products from Soap & Glory. Particularly love the look of the Love at First Blush powder and Glow All Out highlighter. Has anyone else tried Soap & Glory Cosmetics? What did you think?