Dress: Topshop
Coat: New Look
Faux Fur Stole: H&M
Bag: Primark
Watch: Urban Outfitters

I finally braved going all the way into Southampton today to have a wander around the last dregs of the sales. I've never been big on sales and usually just end up looking at the full priced stuff, but I managed to find a few little bits that I liked, along with this carpet bag from Primark which was a measly fiver! I also popped into the brand new Urban Outfitters that's just opened here, which I've been waiting for forever. Fell in love as soon as I went in and spent more than I'm proud of.

It's still wintery and cold here so this faux fur stole has been making an appearance over every outfit I've been wearing at the moment. So toasty! I've been getting back into wearing dresses this week as my post-Christmas belly will no longer permit me to wear the single pair of Asos jeans I've been living in for the past month. Oh the shame.

I also made a cheeky Illamasqua order last night after seeing Holly's posts about all the amazing discounts they had on at the moment. Never occurred to me that a beauty brand like Illamasqua would have a sale on! I bought the intriguing looking Illumine Oil and another blood red lipstick which I probably didn't need.

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