Hello everyone and happy 2012! I thought I'd start off the year by getting back into posting with my ten favourite beauty discoveries of 2011! It was really hard choosing only ten, but I decided to limit myself to things I'd only started using last year or the list was just going to be endless!

Liz Earle Skin Repair Light Moisturiser: If you're a regular reader of my blog you should know by now how much I love Liz Earle. The only products I don't rave about however, are the moisturisers. To me they have just been too heavy and greasy, but after a bit of an impulse spree in John Lewis a couple of months ago I decided to give this one a go and I was very glad I did! It's still a very rich moisturiser but doesn't sit on the skin like I find the regular Liz Earle ones do. It smells amazing, like all their products, and sinks in to give a really soft, supple feel to your skin.

Estée Lauder Modern Mercury Illuminating Powder: My holy grail, wonder product, THE best thing to happen to make up this year. The fact that this was limited edition and is now sold out makes me want to weep because it's the best highlighter I have ever used. As soon as I swatched it at the Estée Lauder counter I knew it had to be mine, despite the hefty price tag. It gives the skin the most gorgeous, glowing, fresh look that I've never been able to mimic with a similar product. It looks quite dark in the pan, and can be used as an eyeshadow too, but when swept onto the skin with a little kabuki brush as I like to use, it leaves a radiance that isn't overly sparkly or shimmery. Just perfect.

Models Own Juicy Jules: Another product that I've mentioned too much. I always find myself reaching for this whenever I've painted my nails. No matter the colour this looks amazing over anything. It's a real silver sparkle but unlike other similar glitter polishes, reflects all the colours of the rainbow giving it a really unique and fascinating finish that I always find myself staring at.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat: For some odd reason I like to paint my nails a at night just before I go to bed and for a long time unless I slept in some strange, hands in the air position, I'd wake up to find my nails smudged or with fabric/hair imprints all over even though they were dry to the touch. I grabbed this from Boots randomly when I ran out of the Barry M top coat I was using and three bottles later I've never looked back. This dries SO fast you can press down and scratch your nails as much as you like after only five minutes and there will be no marks, dents or anything. And it gives an amazing shine!

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer: Probably the most raved about concealer in the beauty blogging world but with much justification. It goes on lovely and creamy and is easily blendable, but then sets on its own so there's no need for cakey powdering over the top, and the excellent coverage really does last all day. The only bad thing I have to say about it for me is the colour. I have to get a bit fancy with the back of my hand and some brushes as I use a mix of shades 1 and 2 over my face and 2 under my eyes, although don't let my oddly coloured skin put you off, it really is an amazing concealer if you can find the right match.

Boots Vitamin E Facial Oil: I know the majority of the world wouldn't even consider putting oil on their face, especially those prone to blemishes like me but this product really has changed my skin this year. I have quite oily skin, but it can become very dry if I don't use a good moisturiser. I used to wake up in the morning with that horrible tight feeling across my face, so I started putting this over the top of my night cream and massaging it into my skin for a few minutes. It's seriously improved suppleness and even calms down the odd spot I get every now and then. Plus, it's less than £3.00!

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer: Thanks to Feelunique and GlossyBox this year I've not had to purchase the full size of this yet, which I'm dreading as its pretty pricey! I've always used hair masks but never really felt more of a difference than if I'd just used a regular conditioner, but this one is a little different. It goes on damp hair for around ten minutes (although I leave it for a lot longer) before shampoo which seems a little odd as I thought the effects would just be washed out. But it really does leave your hair feeling brand new and so light and manageable. Definitely worth investing in.

Topshop Rapturous Lip Stick: I do love a good red lip every now and then but hate having to worry about smudging and touch ups all day. This apply named lip stick has a beautiful velvet matte finish, my favourite kind for red lips, and the colour is ever so slightly on the orangey side which I think really suits anyone. You can see me wearing this here.

Moroccanoil: I was so sceptical to try this because as much as putting oil on your face makes sense to me, using it on your hair does not. After ombreing my hair earlier this year with an ill advised tub of peroxide I was just about ready to cut it all off when it became so damaged I was waking up with chunks of it on my pillow. I had nothing to lose so I bought a little 5 ml sample from ebay and started using it when my hair was damp and then every morning and night in between washes. I wouldn't advise using it twice a day on hair thats not too damaged as you only need the smallest amount, but mine was awful and this saved it. I'd definitely advise getting the pump version, as pouring the right amount out of the bottle can be a little tricky and wasteful. Of all the products I've mentioned here I'd say this was the best investment. Your hair will have never looked or felt healthier after using this!

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara: For as long as I've been wearing make up I've always suffered from mascara smudging under my eyes within only hours of applying it. No matter what combination of concealers, powders and mascara I'd use, I was always left with those tired black smudges. I'd nearly resigned myself to the fact that I would either have to stop wearing mascara or accept the fact that I'd look like a Panda for the rest of my life when I found this. THE cutest mascara in the world, it has a tiny little brush which, although a little time consuming, gives your bottom lashes a perfect, easy to apply coat of mascara which, to this day, has yet to smudge on me.