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Brown Rebel


Top: New Look
Shorts: Primark
Rings: COVET

I had a huge list of jobs to do today, but ended up, as always, wasting half of my day by waking up at lunch time. I forgot how tiring having a full time job is! Oh, woe is me. After literally forcing myself out of bed I made a quick trip to the post office to send off some rings, and ended up spending close to £30 on stamps. Heartbreaking. Don’t you just hate parting with cash when there’s never anything to show for it? I did get to have a nice little wander around town in the sun though. I felt like being a bit of a slob today so I threw on a slouchy tee, which for some reason looks a lot more brown here than in real life, and some sandals. I love wearing these leather shorts as an alternative to a black body con skirt as they go with everything and give an outfit a little edgy twist too. Leather in the sun though.. not hugely practical.

There’s no chance of getting any sleep tonight as the pub next door has some obscenely awful band playing live and our ceilings are vibrating, so right now I’m sprawled out on the sofa, laptop to my left, strawberry cheesecake to my right, watching Sex and the City on one half of the screen while my boyfriend plays fifa on the other. Compromise!

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New In My Wardrobe

Summer Wishlist

Just a few things I've been drooling over after the sun decided to make an appearance this week. I’m really not feeling the whole colour blocking that seems to be taking over everywhere at the moment, I’ve never been a fan of in your face clashes. I think summer is all about mixing colours using prints and textures, and of course, the summer staple, a pair of cut off denim shorts. I absolutely adore these paint splattered ones. To me they look so cosmic. I’m thinking of digging out a few old pairs of jeans and going to town on them with a paint brush. Pair those with a sheer top and a lacy bralet and I’m in love. Another one of my favourite summer pairings is a slouchy tee tucked into a flowy skirt. I love all the midi styles around this year, but unfortunately they end up making me look like an 80 year old woman. Not so great. This Topshop one is the perfect length though, falling just above the knee.

I’ve also become obsessed with Aztec everything. Clothes, shoes, nails, you name it. I saw these adorable little beaded moccasins in H&M a few weeks ago, but as always, they didn’t have my size. A UK 7 shouldn’t be too hard to find, surely? Is it just me, or does anyone else think H&M could really do with investing a bit more in their footwear? I hate how they’re all dotted around the store (in my local one anyway), never more than two of each style, and always in ridiculously small sizes. Who even wears a size 3?!

Miss Dior Chérie


Found myself drooling over the new Miss Dior Chérie campaign featuring Natalie Portman, their new muse. The cinematography, the soundtrack and of course Sofia Coppola’s direction all come together to make this rosy, French, wonderfulness. Sunglasses in the bath, utter decadence. Working on a perfume counter I get to sniff this little beauty every day and it truly is a delight. Fruity, floral, woody, perfect. I already have far too many perfumes but come payday, I might be extremely tempted to add this to the list.

Clinique High Impact Mascara


No doubt everyone by now has seen the Clinique offer in March's Glamour magazine. I've literally scoured every newsagents, supermarket, corner shop and petrol station looking for a copy, but those things are like gold dust at the moment. I managed to find an issue with a free High Impact Mascara lurking away in the men’s health section of WH Smith, no doubt stashed there by someone waiting to come back to it. But now it’s mine, mwah-hah!

I've always been a fan of Clinique, every since I was young and I'd ‘borrow’ my Mum's Facial Soap bar. I don't often think about the ethics and philosophies of companies; if a product takes my fancy I'll snap it up without a second thought, but to me, the Clinique brand represents something really pure and simple; allergy tested, fragrance free, clean packaging, even down to the white lab coats the consultants wear on the counters in store. All these things together allow me to really trust in Clinique, so that when I buy their products, I know I'm going to feel comfortable using them, and, most likely, going to love them.

I've bought hundreds of mascaras in the past; most ending in disappointment ... I'm looking at you Big Fake Lash! I have naturally long eyelashes, so throughout the day, no matter how much primer and powder and all kinds of fixative solutions I try, they always end up smudging magnificently around my eyes, et voliá, the panda effect. So far the only one I've found that hasn't ended in a smeary demise and a quick flight towards the bin is Benefit's Bad Gal Lash, which is actually rather annoying seeing as it retails at £16.50. I've never really looked past Benefit and onto any of the higher end brands like Esteé Lauder, YSL etc. for mascara because, despite knowing that they have a range of excellent products I’d love to try, I just cannot justify to myself that a little tube with some black gloop in it is really worth a whole week’s food! Although, having said that, working in Boots and being surrounded by said black gloop, I don’t really stand a chance against my lack of will power teamed with the wonderful invention of staff discount!

Bare Lashes // Two Coats

The High Impact mascara itself is brilliant. Although, its marketing claims the triple threat; volume, definition AND length, but in my opinion, it doesn’t quite live up to this high standard. I found the product to be quite sticky upon application and brittle once dry. Now this I can safely say makes for excellent staying power. No running/bleeding/smudging whatsoever, so in my book, its already the best thing in the world. As for volume, it’s okay, the roots get nicely thickened and fanned out well, in turn giving it definition, but as for the lengthening, I found I just couldn't make it go all the way out to the tips of my lashes, and when it did, easily wearing off once dry.

Depending on what you need, this mascara can suit you very well, and to pay £2.00 for 4g when the full size 8g has a R.R.P. of £15.00, all I can say is, I should of gone out and bought as many Glamour magazines as I could have laid my hands on!

Red Lip Rainy Day

Lipstick// Rimmel London Colour Show Off - Red Fever

The weather was miserable when I got up this morning so I decided to cheer things up with a red lip. My boyfriend spends most of the day at work so it’s usually just me pottering about the flat all day. After three months of waiting for my job to start, I've pretty much exhausted every possibility for entertainment. Life in the slow lane.

Hair Today.. Gone Tomorrow

I'm really starting to miss my dark hair. I took my first venture into home dying a few months ago using this from L'Oreal and loved it to begin with. Its a shame all I have are these awful photobooths to show you. It ended up a lot darker than the colour on the box, and washed me out a little so I was thinking of jumping on the band wagon and ombreing that bad boy. After a few weeks though it really started to fade away quickly and in a month it was completely gone. (Is it just me or do other people picture Antonio Bandaras in a mask, swooshing around when someone says Ombre? ... No?) Now, considering I haven't had my hair cut professionally for years, its in pretty poor condition, so I'm putting it down to that. Ever since asking for a trim and being given a bob cut against my will, I've stayed away from the scissor wielders who just can't grasp my 'vision' and refuse to let me leave untill my hairs been straightened to within an inch of it's life. Then again, am I better off alone in the bathroom with a pair of kitchen scissors making a mess? Probably not.

I absolutley adore Ashlee Simpson's Ombre taken to the extreme. It isn't likely that I'd be able to pull it off strolling around town though, and I don't know how I'd justify all that bleach, but its something I know I'm going to end up doing.
This is the point where my boyfriend rolls his eyes and gestures to a bottle of peroxide cleaner under the sink with a knowing look. I don't think I'm quite at the point of melting my hair off to get the 'Drew Barrymore', thankfully. Then again, if it went wrong I could always buy a wig.

This Morning

001. Despite having a million blushes, this is the only one I've been reaching for all week. I have such pale skin, especially in these yucky sunless times, and this one tends to keep my dolly cheeks on the DL.

002. Just recieved loads of beautiful new stock for my jewellery store COVET. Nothing quite beats a silver and turquoise ring.

003. Making my way through series 1-10 of Friends. The best £39 I've EVER spent by far. I saw the box set in asda the other day and it was back up to something ridiculous like £60!

004. Subway's white chocolate and macadamia nut cookie. Nothing you put in your mouth will ever compare to this.


Just casually chillin' on the sofa, watching family guy at 4am. I've managed to wreck my body clock which sucks seeing as I'm starting my new job in three days. 9am starts? Please no. The things we do for the £££££££.

Lifes been pretty hectic recently, moving into our new flat. Who knew choosing a sofa could pose such a dilemma. Ikeas been getting some serious love from my bank account, Pro being I have a lovely new furnished home, Con being I haven't set foot in Topshop for at least two months. Even a trip to good old Primarni is beyond my budget. Sob. Instead I've been milling around the dozens of charity shops that I'm now a minutes walk away from. Granny power all the way!