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01. My favorite from the Model's own Beetlejuice collection. It was between this and Pinky Brown. Not sure if I like any of the others though. Also, could then not have given them better names?

02. I've heard this stuff is amazing and I've always wanted to try something from Korres. You can never have too many lip balms!

03. How good do the Topshop nail art pens look? They seem to be more of like a felt tip than a nib that the polish comes out of, like the Models Own WAH ones. Really want to try these!

04. Love all these slipper style shoes around at the moment, especially the much coveted Topshop Vectra's which seem to be sold out everywhere. These River Island leopard ones would make a good substitute though.

05. I never wear bracelets but I saw this dainty little cross bangle on Asos the other day which I've been thinking about buying all week.

06. A little bit of a guilty pleasure, and I have no idea what I'd wear with them, but I DESPERATELY want some aztec leggings!