01. Went a little Christmas mad this week. If you follow my twitter you might have seen that my tree went up well before December. Its my first Christmas away from home and I've spent all week decorating our flat with as many lights as possible. No doubt the electricity bill is going to be astronomical this month.

02. Rediscovered my love for profiteroles at Pizza Hut, after a long day of shopping. Stuffed my face so much I could barely walk to the car. Gotta love eating double your weight in pastry and cream.

03. I've wanted a Casio style watch for ages, and saw this one on Asos a while ago. Annoyingly when I went to buy it it was out of stock. Isn't that the worst thing? Luckily though as if it was meant to be I found it going on eBay for half the price. I've had a few comments about it being a little 'bling', but I love it!

04. My hands have been so dry and chapped ever since it started getting colder and most of the hand creams I own haven't been making much of a difference. I saw Fleur mention the Banana version of this in her Winter Skin Saviours post and popped in to boots fully intending to buy it when I casually tried this Almond and Beeswax hand cream next to it and fell in love. I don't think words can describe how good this smells! Like sugary sweet marzipan. Its very thick and greasy, but left my hands super soft and nourished. I've been putting a thick layer on over night and waking up with chap free hands.

05. I bought this Turban style headband from Asos but can't decide if it makes me look like an idiot or not. Keeps my ears toasty warm though!

06. More food porn, and what I thought was just an ordinary muffin that turned out to be chocolate orange heaven. Beautiful!

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