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Glossy Box Time again and two products really stood out for me this month. I let out a little scream of excitement when I saw the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer, which I received a sample of in my Feel Unique box back in August. I fell in love with it then but couldn't bare to part with over £20 for the full size, but now I have another wonderful sample to tide me over for the next month or so. Since I tend to backcomb my hair to within an inch of its life on a daily basis, its usually not in such a brilliant state. I've invested a lot of money in hair masks and treatments in the past, but the Elasticiser is the only one I've ever noticed make a visible difference.

I let out a bit of a sigh when I saw nail wraps making their second Glossy Box appearance, (remember the hideous neon yellow ones?) but after deciding to give them a go last night I actually really like them. Awful quality twitter photo here. They were pretty easy to put on, just like stickers really, but the ends are a bit scraggly and have already started to peel. I put a few layers of top coat over them which seemed to stick them back in place so hopefully they'll last a week as the packet claims. Another downside is you only get enough for one full set of nails. A couple of odd sizes got left over which I suppose could be used as an accent nail but for nearly £7 a pack I think its a lot to pay for something thats definitely not going to last very long!

Overall, a bit of a blah box again. I hope Glossy Box start including more make up as I've got six months worth of skin care samples I've barely made a dent in sitting in my bathroom cupboard now. Looking forward to the special Christmas box in December though so fingers crossed!