Dr Feelgood Lipscription Buffing Lip Beads & Silky Lip Balm

I've become a bit of a lip balm hoarder at the moment and can't seem to stop myself buying them despite having millions. Benefit's Lipscription has been around for years, but after someone at work telling me it was going to be discontinued I felt I had a duty to buy it.

I've never seen an actual lip scrub before so that really intrigued me too, especially as in the winter months my lips tend to suffer from a lot of chaps and dryness. It feels quite strange buffing away at your lips with an exfoliator but the results are lovely. The lip balm is beautiful too, definitely a new favorite knocking Blistex Relief Cream, which pales out my lips far too much, off the top spot. You only need the smallest ammount of this and its the perfect balance between moisturising but not greasy.

Next on the list of lip balm purchases has to be the Lush Whipstick, after seeing Charlene's post about it. Belgian chocolate for your lips? Amazing!