17 Magnetized Nail Polish - Lilac & Gun Metal

Can I just start by saying what an ordeal it was to get these nail varnishes! Every time I went into Boots they were either out of stock or all the bottles had been opened and used. Aren't people lovely. However, I finally walked in one day and they were there, freshly unpacked and ready for me! I wanted to get all the colours really but talked myself out of it in the end because as lovely as these are, I'm not sure how often I'm going to wear them.

Along with the rest of the blogging world I've been lusting after the Nails Inc Magnet Effects polish for so long now, but really couldn't justify the price. These from 17 we're only £5.99 which I thought was a much better price and probably not a whole lot of difference in the product.

I got Lilac and Gun Metal which I'm wearing together here. Photos don't really do the effect justice as in real life its pretty amazing. I worked out after a few failed attempts that the easiest way to apply is to paint a thin layer without using the magnet, let it dry, then do a second coat and quickly hover the magnet over the nail for a few seconds. You have to work pretty fast with these before they dry so it takes a bit of practice but I love the end result, so unique. I hope they bring these out in other colours. I'd love to see some pastels!