01. Every year the village I grew up in has a carnival with floats, lots of food and cute little stalls. Over the years its gotten a bit tacky, but I still love going and throughly stuffing my face with doughnuts and candy floss! I'm thinking of making some flags like these using one of Gem's old Tuesday TIps to hang in the kitchen.

02+03. In the village we found a little cafe tucked away behind a jewellery shop. I've lived there most of my life and never knew it existed! Couldn't resist the hot chocolate with marshmallows which are unsurprisingly absent for this photo as I'd scoffed them all before even making it to the table. How ladylike.

04. After trying and failing at dipping little bits of sponge into nail varnish, this is my lazy take on cosmic nails using Andrea Fulerton's Mischa and Models Own Juicy Jules. So much easier to just put a coat of each on and I think I prefer the understated starry effect.

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