01. The massive pile of make up taking up my bedroom windowsill. I wish I had room for a nice dressing table but there’s barely enough space to move around in there at the moment. I’m thinking of doing a blog sale soon as the amount of makeup and odd bits I have is getting beyond ridiculous.

02. Taking advantage of the student discount I still get on Topshop.com, despite no longer actually being a student. Really loving all their nail varnishes at the moment; colours you can’t find anywhere else and formulas that might just rival my beloved Models Own. I’ve been wearing ‘cut the mustard’ for nearly a week and it’s yet to chip!

03. I love this time of year when days become shorter and its dark by 6. Autumn and winter are definitely my favourite seasons. The layered up fashion with chunky scarves and the search for the all important winter coat! Also desperate to whack out the Christmas tree!

04. Still completely in love with this blazer!

05. In an effort to improve my skin, I’ve been trying to eat a bit better recently and started getting Graze boxes delivered twice a week. For £3.49 you get four healthy snacks which are great to grab when you’re feeling peckish. So far, everything I’ve had has tasted amazing, especially the dark chocolate button and Brazil nut mix which is a nice change to my usual pack of plain cream crackers (omnomnom). Even better, you can use the code 1JM4CJ1 for a free Graze box!

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