Lace Collar: Little Me
T-shirt: Topshop

I love how an accessory can completely transform an outfit and this lace collar from Little Me is becoming my favourite thing to wear recently. For nearly a year now I've been lusting after one of Wallpaper Rose's Lace Peter Pan Collar T-shirts, but whenever I come to order one, I either can't decided on a colour or they're out of stock! With a detachable collar like this though, its great to throw over anything.

Amazingly, I'm coming up to 500 followers now and have been thinking about doing a little giveaway to say thank you to everyone thats been reading my ramblings for the past 6 months! Not sure what to actually giveaway though so if anyone has any suggestions or just something they're coveting at the moment let me know, I'd love to get some ideas from you all!