Barry M Instant Nail Effects Foil - Silver & Gold

Since releasing their Instant Effects Crackle Varnish and taking the world of nails by storm I've always wondered if Barry M were going to extend this line and come up with any more exciting effects polishes. So when I saw these, on Asos of all places, I got a bit too excited and signed up to a Premier account just so I could get them delivered the next day. Just a little excessive... Getting slightly off topic here but if you're a regular Asos binger like me, I strongly suggest getting a Premier account, unlimited free next day delivery for fourteen something a YEAR, amazing. And no, I wasn't paid to say that.

Sadly though, that's where the excitement ends. When I saw the word 'foil' I immediately thought of the mirror like Minx nails. So when I painted them last night I was beyond disappointed to find that they just looked like standard silver and gold nail varnish, and not particularly nice ones. The brush strokes were impossible to get rid of, no matter how carefully I did it and they were really thick. This is just my opinion and I've seen other people raving about them, but I don't know why Barry M released these nail varnishes in the effects range, when they’re really just metallic colours that could of easily fit in to the core collection. Rage face.

One good point, however, is that the silver makes a great base for Juicy Jules, which I got in the Models Own 50% sale the other day. The photo really doesn't do justice to how sparkly it is. Still lusting after the ridiculously hard to find Gosh holographic nail varnish which is now going for about £30 on eBay (WHY WAS THIS DISCONTINUED?!), but this one’s near enough for now!