001. St Ives Apricot Scrub - I’ve used so many scrubs in the past, but always seem to come back to this one. It leaves my skin unbelievably soft and never fails to brighten it up. So annoyed though that since the packaging has been changed the invigoration one doesn’t smell like marzipan anymore!

002. Estée Lauder Pure Colour Illuminating Powder - Still in shock that I spent nearly £30 on a highlighter but words and pictures just cant explain how beautiful this is, not just in the pan but on the skin, which it gives a gorgeous glowing gold tone. Its part of their Modern Mercury range which is limited edition, so I strongly suggest hurrying down to your nearest Estée Lauder counter to have a look at this.

003. 17 Photo Finish Primer - To be honest, I never remember to use a primer and in my experience they’re all pretty much the same (except that L’Oreal one in the pink pot, AWFUL). I had noticed my makeup starting to rub off a bit lately so I picked up this cheap and cheerful one from 17 and I really like it. I’ve managed to use it every day and I can see the difference in how long my make up stays looking fresh. It glides on really easily, mattifies the skin, and you only need the smallest amount.

004. Blistex Relief Cream - I’m sure we all know how amazing this is! Probably THE best lip product I’ve ever used. It isn’t sticky or oily (I never understand why people use Vaseline on their lips, so greasy!) and gives your lips the so much moisture. The only downside is the tube, which leaks everywhere and has no applicator, meaning you have to squeeze it onto a finger first. Probably a little more hygienic, but such a pain!

005. Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Mascara - I got this with my first Feel Unique Beauty Box and I’ve worn it every day since. Thick, long lashes with one coat. And it doesn’t smudge or flake!

006. Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer - I’ve seen a lot of beauty bloggers raving about this concealer, and thought there was no way this could be as good as my two favourites, Mac Studio Fix and Estée Lauder Double Wear. So I tried it not expecting much and was pleasantly surprised. It lasts all day and gives such good coverage without being cakey at all.

007. No7 Cleanse & Care Eye Makeup Remover - No7 are going a bit mental with the five pound vouchers at the moment, I think it’s been on for nearly two months now? I only recently discovered the wonder that is oily eye makeup removers, and usually buy the Botanics one. But I thought I might as well snap up this one while I could get it so cheap. In terms of the product, it’s pretty much the same, takes off absolutely everything and leaves my eyes nice and moisturised with no stinging. The pump is a lot better than the Botanics screw top though, which I always managed to drop somewhere and never find, leaving an open bottle carefully balanced on my bathroom shelf.

008. Clinique Superbalanced Foundation - I used this for a long time while I was in college and then forgot about it for some reason. So after deciding that having ten different foundations already just wasn’t enough, I bought this one again and instantly remembered why I loved it! It’s so sheer, but gives such great coverage and has the perfect balance between a dewy and matte finish which makes the skin look so healthy and glowing. It also has all of Clinique's science and skin care knowledge behind it, claiming to be for any skin type; absorbing excess oil while moisturising dry patches.

009. Natural Collection Vanilla Body Spray - I’ve had this in my bag for ages now and love spraying it on throughout the day. Goes perfectly with my favourite perfume of the moment, Dolce & Gabbana The One. Musky vanilla scents make me feel so festive!