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001. I didn't know much about the brand Religion until I saw they're little section in the Oxford Street Topshop. It is a little pricey (£50 for a vest!), but I love the prints and the style of them. Plus this ones on sale!

002. I'm not a big trouser wearer, but I recently bought a pair of camel jeans from Primark and now I need more. So easy to wear and comfy! Love these wine red River Island ones.

003&004. My two favourites from the OPI Pirates collection, Skull and Glossbones & Mermaid's tears.

005. I always wear a little gold peace ring I got years ago from asos, but it’s starting to turn my finger green now so I'm thinking of investing in these little beauties from Net-a-Porter.

006. The obsession with Chelsea boots continues. I so desperately want these, but I know I'll feel guilty about spending another £40 when they're almost identical to the Topshop Allegra's. Ahh, what to do?