01. My two favourite rings at the moment. Haven't left my fingers all week! The turquoise ring is from Covet and the cross is Asos.

02. I've lived next to a swanky looking Indian restaurant now for four months, and only just decided to eat there this week. Vegetable curry. Mmmm.

03. My poor little £7.00 Cosmopolitan that looked more like a shot than a real drink.

04. I stayed at my parents this week and was a bit devestated to find that I've been moved to the spare room now that my brothers taken over my old one. I love living away from home, but there’s nothing nicer than coming back to real food and a warm bed every now and then.

05. Really got back into nails recently. Managed to produce these rainbow leopard ones while catching up on Britain’s Next Top Model and shouting obscenities at Grace Woodwood. Multitasking like a pro.

PS. I'm going on holiday tomorrow!

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