01. So, I'm in Wales! Not a particularly exotic holiday, but I've been coming here nearly every year since I was two and it’s like a second home to me! I might do some sort of holiday outfit post at the end of the week, but to be honest I don't feel all that inspired to dress up when I'm just wandering around the beach in sandals and a bikini!

02. I've been to no less than THREE River Islands this week looking for the Chelsea boots I posted about in my wishlist and haven't been able to find them! I'm beginning to wonder if this is a sign that I should give up looking and save my money. But I am determined, even if I have to search every store in Wales!

03. Got my Feel Unique Beauty Box today! Another equivalent to the GlossyBox (a concept which I'm now obsessed with) and I'm actually really impressed with the products I got! Post to come soon..

Hope everyone else on holiday at the moment is having a lovely time!

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