Skirt: H&M
Shirt: Primark

A lazy outfit to go with my ridiculously lazy bank holiday weekend. I haven’t felt inspired to get dressed at all this week, it’s been pyjamas all the way!

I got a whole bag of studs from eBay the other day for about £2 and have literally been studding everything I own. I was going to order these adorable little collar tips from Asos, but decided to make my own instead! Speaking of Asos, I managed to drop £400 over there today. How, I have no clue. For my bank account’s sake I’m hoping nothing will fit. But how is anyone supposed to say no to the lure of free next day delivery?

Also, I finally got round to using the Daniel Sander Jumbo Jet mascara I got with this month’s GlossyBox and really wasn’t impressed. To me, having ‘jumbo’ in the title suggests that it’s meant to give some serious volume, but as hard as I tried I couldn’t build up more than one coat, and it didn’t even look like I was wearing mascara. Pretty disappointed by that, but at least now I’ve got one less mascara in my collection! Did anyone else get one and like it?

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