Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream (light beige)

So here it is, the new wonder product that everyone’s been talking about. BB cream - short for 'blemish balm', claims to be a moisturiser, primer, foundation, concealer, sun block and anti-aging cream all in one. Quite a lot of promises! There’s a huge launch of these creams this month accross the market, from Garnier to Esteé Lauder, Dior and Mac, but I couldn't wait for (or afford) all of those so I ordered mine all the way from South Korea, where BB creams seem to be getting a lot of hype.

Mine is from the brand Missha which to be honest, I know nothing about. It was the one that seemed to be the most dominant on eBay and for only £4.89 including P&P, I didn’t think I’d be wasting much money if it all went horribly wrong. I’ve been wearing this for a couple of days now and the best way I can describe it is like a thick tinted moisturiser with a full coverage. It’s very similar to the Illamasqua Skin Base, which they say is based on BB cream itself, just with the pesky light reflecting SPF taken out. If you’ve read this post, you’ll know I was annoyingly given the wrong colour when the MUA matched me up at the Illamasqua counter, so I’ve tried mixing my BB cream in to lighten it up a bit and absolutely love it.

On its own though, I find it best to use either as little product underneath as possible, or something oil free at least as it already has moisturiser inside it and layering the two up make it feel quite heavy. I also wouldn’t recommend using a powder over the top as it can become very cakey, due to it being quite a moist, dewy finish, but maybe just a light dusting of a translucent powder if you need that extra bit of staying power. I tried a few brushes with it but I think it’s best to use your fingers to blend it in properly.

As for it being a concealer as well I think it does work. I suffer from the darkest under eye circles known to man so I did have to slap on a bit of boi-ing to get rid of those, but I think it could potentially eliminate the need for using more than one product. I wish this had come before my holiday, because I would have only needed to pack this along with mascara, eyeliner and blush for a full face!

The only down side I can find is the colour choice. Although this may vary from brand to brand, the Missha creams only came in three light shades and the Mac BB cream looks like its going to be one colour fits all. Luckily for me and my pasty face though, the lighter shades are what I usually go for, but for those with darker skin or even just a bit of a tan, they look far too light.

Overall though, I really like this BB cream and its simplicity. The fact that it has SPF 42 is brilliant, even though I’ll have to avoid flash photography, and it blends into my skin so well its almost invisible while still giving the full coverage that I like my foundations to have. I think this is something a lot of people will come to love once its fully established here in the UK!