Leopard Body: Primark
Shorts: New Look
Waistcoat: New Look
Neckalce: H&M

So today was the last day of my holiday in Wales. I've had so much time off this month with holidays and training courses that I've only worked about a week out of the month! As much as I like my job and am thankful for it, I think being away has made me realise that what I really want to do is work for myself, not a company! I've got a few ideas floating around in my head and who knows, maybe they'll amount to something one day, but for now, I guess it pays the bills!

This leopard body is actually a swimming costume I found on the wrong place in Primark and didn’t read the label until I got it home. I've worn it in the sea (which was freezing !) a few times but I like how it looks with a pair of shorts thrown over the top.

I'm also pretty impressed with the tan I've managed to build up this week too! Now, I know you're probably all looking at my pasty white limbs and wondering what I'm on about, but for ghostly white me, this is pretty extreme!

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