01. Hello! Yes, I am still alive! I've been having a bit of a complicated couple of weeks, hence no updates, and have been struck down by the fact that I no longer have a DSLR. Not wanting to dig out my ancient 3 megapixel excuse for a camera, I haven't been able to post about anything in a while. Hopefully though, that'll be all out of the way soon enough and things can get back to normal.

02. It was my birthday last week! I was a very lucky girl and got lots of lovely things which I plan to show you all very soon! Ahh, 19 feels so old! I'm starting to think I need to grow up now and stop spending money on silly things when I haven't even bought food for the week!

03. In complete contradiction to what I just said, I bought myself a Kindle. I really love reading, and even took English Literature at college and after being totally inspired by Blair's Reading Diaries Series I caved and and splashed out. I was afraid reading on a kindle would never live up to the real book experience, but as soon as I got into the story, it didn't even cross my mind. Also, LOVE not having that whole awkward easier-to-read-one-page-than-the-other-when-lying-down situation. Currently reading Never Let Me Go. Such a beautiful, sad book.

04. My washing machine broke this week. I was dying a pair of shorts (still not sure if this was the cause of death or just coincidence) when it made the saddest little sound and came to a stop. Being the undomesticated idiot that I am, I gave it a few kicks thinking that would force it back into action and ended up completely murdering it. I think it was even smoking at one point and I'm now afraid to go near it. Since then I've been carting washing home to my parents and have therefore been digging around at the bottom of my wardrobe and rediscovering things I haven’t worn in years. I think people, myself most of all, become too reliant on only wearing their most recently purchased items. I'm not saying that I'll never buy anything again, as if, but I think I'll be having a much better look at what I've already got before doing so, something I highly recommend to those with a bit of a overshopping addiction!

05. Today I realised it was July. Where has this year gone? They’re already discussing the Christmas sale at work and I'm still shopping for bikinis. Madness.

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