01+02. Nandos time! Took Darren out for lunch on his birthday. I’m not sure why we even look at the menu anymore, we order the same thing every time! Roasted Portobello Mushroom and Grilled Halloumi Cheese Wrap. Ohh, my mouth waters.

03. Lets it be remembered, that my childhood ended on the July 17th 2011. Call me what you will but I’m not ashamed to say that I absolutely wept watching the last Harry Potter. I grew up with the story, and now the thought that I’ll never get to experience the excitement of a new film or book coming out, never queue up at midnight (yes, that happened, in costume as well ... I was young) makes me beyond sad! On a happier note though, how fit did Neville get?!

04. My baby! Still absolutely in love with it, I think I’ve read more books this week than in the last year. The only even slightly negative thing I have to say about it is the fact that some of my favourites aren’t available as e-books. Get on it Amazon.

05. Nutella Sakeaway. Heaven in a cup. And to make it even sweeter, I got it free with my fully stamped loyalty card. Such accomplishment.

06. Who needs McDonalds when you can have a jacket potato and a ridiculous face to go with it?

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