01. As you might of read in my last post, I’ve been in London this week with work, training for my consultancy. Pretty exciting stuff! Annoyingly I’ll have to wait two weeks to find out if I passed but I think it all went well! I’ve been thinking about moving to London for some time now, but after staying there for a week and being shoved and jostled on the way to work every day, paying £10 for a sandwich and a doughnut at lunch and getting back to my hotel smelling like pollution and fuel most nights, I’m thinking again. Maybe I’m a country girl at heart? Can we call Southampton the country?

02. Popped into Selfridges while I was up there and bought the Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation. Unfortunately though, I got it home and it was completely the wrong colour. I got matched up my the MUA and I KNEW I saw her mix two colours together, but before I could say anything she was already putting it through the till for me. So now I’m either going to have to sell it or get tanning! Tricky considering what a pasty white ghost I usually am.

03. After a lot of thinking, I’ve decided to move my jewellery store to bigcartel, basically because eBay decided to make me its bitch and take all my profits. I’ve got rent to pay you know! I think it’s become a bit clichéd for fashion bloggers to have a jewellery shop. No hating please, just my opinion! But I started mine a long time ago and really worked hard on branding and setting the whole thing up, and my blog sort of grew from that, not the other way around. I’ve got an exciting new piece that I’ll be posting about later!

04. For some reason I’ve become ADDICTED to How I Met Your Mother since its been on E4 every night. Neil Patrick Harris is a babe! I remember watching the first series when it came out, still quietly devastated from losing Friends, and telling myself after 5 minutes that I would never watch this show again. How times change when you’re alone in a hotel room with nothing to do but watch bad-good TV while making your way through a stack of peanut butter on toast you had sent to the room...

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