No7 Heavenly Hydration // Never really been a big fan of moisturising masks, I tend to go for deep cleansing ones but after seeing this at work and using it on and off for a week I think I’m in love. It’s basically a thick moisturiser that you leave on the skin for about 3 minutes, (although I always leave it for longer) then wipe it off with warm cloth, leaving you with lovely supple skin.

Boots Vitamin E facial Oil // I’ve been searching for a while now without much luck for a night cream that doesn’t fade away and leave my skin feeling tight when I wake up. When most people think about putting oil on their skin, breakouts and clogged pores probably come to mind, as they did to mine, but I saw this in Boots and thought I might as well give it a go and for only £2 I wasn’t really wasting my money. I put on my normal moisturiser then mixed in a few drops of this, went to bed and woke up in the morning with what looked like freshly moisturised skin. No excessive oiliness or blemishes! I’ve been using it every night for the last few weeks and it still impresses me. Really recommend not being scared of using oil on your skin and getting this product.

Garnier Summer Body // I know this one’s been making the rounds so I thought I might as well try it. A few years ago I was a St Tropez addict up until the point my friends had to stage an intervention involving a loofa and a bin bag. Bad, I know. But after a little hesitation to get back on the tan wagon, I went out and bought it anyway. At first I got the light version, thinking the deep would turn my pasty legs orange, used it for a few days and didn’t really see any difference apart from a faint lingering tan smell. So I went and got the deep version and woke up the next day with the most natural looking glow. Amazing! Can’t believe I never looked into the world of gradual tanners until now.

No7 Bronzing Silk Legs // When there just isn’t time to tan I always like to use a bit of an instant bronzer and this has to be the best one I’ve come across. Unlike most instant tans it has a creamy formula, more like a foundation, as opposed to a dark jelly which streaks so easily and comes out almost orange. I’m looking at you Rimmel. I put this on with a mitt and, voila, instantly glowing legs in thirty seconds.

Flat Top Brush // I lusted after the Sigma flat top kabuki for so long, finally decided I couldn’t afford it, and bought one on eBay for about £2.50. I’m sure it’ll never compare to the original, but I love it anyway. I use it to apply my foundation by basically just buffing it in, and have never had such a flawless, smooth, perfect finish!

Seche Ultra-V Top Coat // I’d like to thank Gem for this little miracle. The only time I ever seem to get to do my nails is right before bed, and no matter what top coat I use, how long I leave them to dry or what awkward position I sleep in, I always wake up with fabric imprints all over my nails. So frustrating. After putting it on like a regular top coat, you cure the nails under UV light, I got mine for about £9 from eBay, for three minutes to harden and set the polish and you’re ready to go. Who doesn’t love a bit of a gimmick? But it really does work! My nails have been smudge and chip free for almost a week now, something practically unheard of after ripping open boxes every morning at work. The best bit about it is the wet look shine that stays as long as the colour does. Really amazing product that I think everyone who’s tired of chips should try out.

Origins GinZing Eye Cream // Got a free sample of this a while back and decided I had to buy the whole thing after cutting open the tube and scraping the last little drops out with a cotton bud. I’ve used a lot of eye creams, and find that some of them can leave my eyes puffy, the opposite of what they’re supposed to be doing! But this one is so gentle and smooth and just brightens up my dark circles and keeps my eyes moisturised. Smells great too!

Botanics Soothing Cleansing Balm // When it comes to cleansers, I find that unless I’m using something with a cloth, my skin really doesn’t feel like it’s been cleaned as deeply as I’d like it to. I will always have an undying love for my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, but this new discovery is possibly even better. When you scoop a bit out its quite hard and you can feel the crystals of the balm, but then after rubbing it into the skin it melts away and feels and smells just wonderful. The only bad thing I have to say about it is the cotton cloth it comes with which is absolutely awful. I ended up throwing mine away after it took none of the product off my face. I just used one of the thousand muslin cloths I have lying around which worked perfectly. My skin felt amazing after using this just once. So nourished and soft which probably has something to do with the Shea butter that it also contains. And it’s organic! Definitely one of my all time favourite products!

What have you been loving recently?