I'm really starting to miss my dark hair. I took my first venture into home dying a few months ago using this from L'Oreal and loved it to begin with. Its a shame all I have are these awful photobooths to show you. It ended up a lot darker than the colour on the box, and washed me out a little so I was thinking of jumping on the band wagon and ombreing that bad boy. After a few weeks though it really started to fade away quickly and in a month it was completely gone. (Is it just me or do other people picture Antonio Bandaras in a mask, swooshing around when someone says Ombre? ... No?) Now, considering I haven't had my hair cut professionally for years, its in pretty poor condition, so I'm putting it down to that. Ever since asking for a trim and being given a bob cut against my will, I've stayed away from the scissor wielders who just can't grasp my 'vision' and refuse to let me leave untill my hairs been straightened to within an inch of it's life. Then again, am I better off alone in the bathroom with a pair of kitchen scissors making a mess? Probably not.

I absolutley adore Ashlee Simpson's Ombre taken to the extreme. It isn't likely that I'd be able to pull it off strolling around town though, and I don't know how I'd justify all that bleach, but its something I know I'm going to end up doing.
This is the point where my boyfriend rolls his eyes and gestures to a bottle of peroxide cleaner under the sink with a knowing look. I don't think I'm quite at the point of melting my hair off to get the 'Drew Barrymore', thankfully. Then again, if it went wrong I could always buy a wig.