Top: New Look
Shorts: Primark
Rings: COVET

I had a huge list of jobs to do today, but ended up, as always, wasting half of my day by waking up at lunch time. I forgot how tiring having a full time job is! Oh, woe is me. After literally forcing myself out of bed I made a quick trip to the post office to send off some rings, and ended up spending close to £30 on stamps. Heartbreaking. Don’t you just hate parting with cash when there’s never anything to show for it? I did get to have a nice little wander around town in the sun though. I felt like being a bit of a slob today so I threw on a slouchy tee, which for some reason looks a lot more brown here than in real life, and some sandals. I love wearing these leather shorts as an alternative to a black body con skirt as they go with everything and give an outfit a little edgy twist too. Leather in the sun though.. not hugely practical.

There’s no chance of getting any sleep tonight as the pub next door has some obscenely awful band playing live and our ceilings are vibrating, so right now I’m sprawled out on the sofa, laptop to my left, strawberry cheesecake to my right, watching Sex and the City on one half of the screen while my boyfriend plays fifa on the other. Compromise!

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